Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - Here I am today

Maybe I grew up - matured maybe I found myself. Or began to. Came to a place I felt good at. Oh I had ups and downs after, where it was a struggle. But, it takes time to grow into who you want to be.

But, here I am today, I feel at peace, I´m quiet inside, I think before I act. I am aware of the world and social situations. I´ve learned enough about law to help myself. To see the system for what it is.

I make the best of each day. Enjoy the good that does come my way. Large or small. Point is I´m ok. No, I do not like this place. It sucks ! But I don´t dwell on it.

And no, it did not all come from just me. I met some great people along the way. Good people who re-enforced what I learned. And began on Death Watch. People who gave me hope - strength and care to nurture these changes.

Sometimes just as friends, who walked a few miles with me. Some who loved me and I them. Some whom I do not even know, except by their efforts and actions. Each and everyone made a difference.

You see my mind opened on Death Watch. But, it could of been lost. If all one sees and receives - is harshness and coldness. They can easily become what they see and live.

But I met people who gave me the opposite. And in doing so, hope stayed alive inside me. And a belief grew. That there are better things in life. And things can be changed.

And so, after 27 years in this cell I am ok. Both mentally and physically. I´m sure others have seen helped in the same way.

And the real point of this message is what you guys do makes a difference. As a friend or love, or just an opponent of a bad system.

And if you ever ask yourself, does one person count, or can one person make a difference.
Remember this: the opposition began with one person. That one person talked to others - they joined in. And it grew, today there are opposition groups all over the free world. Some small - some bigger. And your voices are being heard. And for each person who joins in - the closer we come to a solution. To ending the Death Penalty. To changing a system that is wrong.

It will not happen over night. But, it will happen ! It happened in 1972. It wasn´t overturned just because of a case in court. It was happened because of voices of opposition. People who took a stand and said end it. That´s why it will happen again.

I must add on, there is nothing good about being on Death Watch. We know what it really is. It means the State plans to kill some person. The story here is just what it turned into for one person. It is different for each who experience it. But, that´s for them to say or not.

Some of you know. For others I decided to let you see the experience. Take from it what you choose.

I´ve known guys who had to go through Death Watch four or five times. Most were eventually executed. There´s no way to make that right. Or justify it.

To me, I saw those as more than what should ever of been done to or placed upon them. I did not feel sorry for them. I felt angry for them. I let that anger go, turned it into something positive. That´s part of why I speak now.

The other is to share with you guys. We know you are there !
Stay strong !

In recognition
Average Joe Death Row


At 9:55 PM, Blogger GracieBailey said...

27 years. That's such a very large part of one's life.

There is certainly something to be said for you, that you have been able to remain positive and write with a touch of humor.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger georgia said...

27 years on death row in these kinds of conditions is inhumane. We really need to overhaul our penal system and stop this cruelty


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