Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - thinking about the execution

My thoughts turned to the actual execution would it hurt - I´d been shocked by electricity before.
When I was like 14 - my cousin and I we walking by an electrics fence - off in a field - one to keep in animals. Stopped to take a leak. He dared me to - on the fence - I did - let me tell you it was painfully. I´m laughing now - it wasn´t at all funny then. And I´ve been shocked messing with electrical stuff - like T.V., radios. So I figured yeah, it will be painfully. But, it won´t last long. And I don´t think I´ll wake up later and still be in pain.

I thought about death. News accounts of people dying every day. History accounts of wars - disease. And of guys already executed. People die by the thousands every day. It couldn´t be hard. It´s inevitable really we all die in the end. The way of nature of life. Life and death are two halves of the whole. Where there is one theres the other.

I decided I can do this - and I will be ok. In doing it. I decided all these things in that first 15 days. And the fear went away slowly - and I began to relax.


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