Monday, August 02, 2004

A letter from Average Joe - People in the struggle

The good points are the people who came forward. After seeing and learning what this system was about and stood up and said - this is wrong.

And joined the fight to end it. It makes a difference.

Those in charge do not hear our voices from with in Death Row. But they hear yours. Voices as Sister Helen Prejan. And the Pope. Groups who protest out side the Capitol Building. Or who come to the person on execution dates and stand in the meadow across from the death chamber to protest.

Just regular people - made up from all walks of life. What makes them unique is not because they are famous or rich or just everyday people. What makes them unique is the strength to their convictions. The courage to stand up and be counted.

The site of their heart and depth of their compassion. So, when you read this or the sides poetry etc. Remember you need not be rich - nor famous. Rather just someone who cares to join in struggle. And you will be welcomed by others - just like you !

And maybe your voice will be the one to tip the scales - if not, you still will make a difference.

Maybe you will meet or write some or one of the men and women on Death Rows. Maybe you will make a difference in their life. Maybe they will in your life. That you´ll find in knowing them - your not so different.

So far over 50 have been executed in the State of Florida. Before its ended, maybe 50 or 100 more will die.

Maybe I shall fall within that number. But in the end - Death Row will be ended - no more will die. And that is the goal. The big picture. And you who stand up and speak out will have made this come to pass.

As I said I am not important - only the message is - there I shall remain nameless. Or you can think of me as Average Joe - Death Row.

P.S.: There are now men on Death Row in Florida who have been on Death Row for 25 to 30 years. Me 27 !


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