Friday, July 30, 2004

A letter from Average Joe - about DNA

DNA has freed many. The system fought and still does to not allow DNA. Tests. Yet.
Slowly but surely it is being allowed. Unfortunately. Some cases are not that clear cut. DNA will not help those. Only research and investigation can. That is where many lose out. Unless a person can hire or can some way find Pro Bono representation. A true investigation and research may never happen. Because although the state appoints an attorneys for each on Death Row - they are restricted.

Give only so much funds for each case. And usually - the attorneys have several cases at once. So, much that should be done is not. Now, caught up in such an intricate system you have the defendant. Those men and women charged with the crime. Most come poor backgrounds. Uneducated - some with mental problems ignorant of the laws ! Most cannot even understand 90% of the legal system, they are caught up in. There for are not truly able to help much in their own defense. Nor understand or keep track of what their own attorneys are doing. Or not doing.

Unless these individuals are very lucky and someone comes in to help. They are just run through the system - unchecked for errors.

Not all on Death Row are unintelligent. And many who came ignorant - find ways to rise above the situation. To educate themselves and learn law. It takes years sometimes. But, a strong will and determination cannot be deterred.

What I try to give you - is an over all view of things people don't usually hear - nor know. A few key points. Without - being a long drawn out story.

talking about people who support us in the next letter


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