Monday, July 26, 2004

A letter from Average Joe - Police-Prosecutors and Judges

People would like to believe these are the good guys ! And I am not going to say all are bad. Like in any group of people in society - you have good people and bad. But the way innocent people end up on Death Row are due to the bad one. You see police - prosecutors are just people. And prone to the same human failing as all are. Greed - power - success financial gains. How does a policeman climb the ladder of success. By solving crimes. And helping to gain convictions. And to solve crimes you have those who will toss the rules aside.

Who will lie cheat - hide evidence. Intimidate witnesses and have what is called jail house snitches come in and say - while in jail - this defendant told me how he did the crime. For doing this jail house snitch is given. A lesser sentence for the crime he was in jail for. There have been cases - where the same jail house snitch - has given evidence in several other cases. And these facts are hidden from the man convicted and his attorneys.

And even when you prove this has occurred - the prosecution can not be charged for this crime. Prosecutors have what is called prosecutorial immunity. Which covers not only the prosecutors - but, the witnesses they use also.

As I said, not all are dishonest. They are many who work hard and do what is right. Unfortunately they, the honest ones, are caught in a bad situation that exists in that type of work. It´s called the code of silence. They can not come forward to show corruption. If they do - they are ostriches by all others in uniform. And be come targets of abuse.

So it´s difficult to prove ones innocence or that false evidence was used.

You see once on Death Row - it´s hard to get off. The system was designed to put people inside. Not set them free.

let us talk later about DNA


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