Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - The first days

The Death Watch cells are on the button floor. Three cells or four to each side. I was under what is called Phase 1. That´s the first 15 days of a 30 days warrant. I was the only warrant signed at the time. So, was there by myself. Which wasn´t a problem. I have no problem with being alone, nor quietness.

I went into cell 1. Later my property was brought over. The T.V. was placed outside my cell - rest was kept in a closet - if I needed something - it would be given to me - then returned after use to the closet.

I asked for the phone. Called - told my mom - what was happening. Told her not to worry - I´d get a stay. I wasn´t sure of that. But, she needs not to know. Strange the rituals we go through to spare the ones we love unnecessary worry. Put on that cheerful mask - whether we feel it or not.

afterwards I kicked back on the bunk - and the wait began and the thoughts.

There was a good chance I´d get a stay. But, no guarantees. Others had already been executed by then. So I had to face the possibility that I would be executed. Which turns to finding a way to deal with it. To prepare yourself to die.

I really did not know much about law at the time. I had somewhat educated myself be then. Gained my G.E.D. through self study.


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