Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - Suicide Watch

Strange isn´t it, to learn about life so much, in a place designed to end life. Life is a
strange journey isn´t it. Anyway, the last 10 days another procedure comes into effect.

You go on what´s called suicide watch.

They would place an officer in front of your cell - sits right in the hallway. 24 hours a day - watches everything you do. Writes it down. That includes when you use the bathroom. Which I found irritating - it´s wired to be watched all the time.

Specially using the bathroom. I wasn´t all that shy - but, you like privacy when you use the toilet.

So, I decided if he was gonna watch - he might as well be able to see more clearly. So, when I had to take a leak - I would turn - sideways - let him get an eyeful. That happened twice. He asked if that was necessary ? I said no - nor is your watching me use the toilet.

We came to an agreement. When I needed to use the toilet - he would go for coffee or to rummage through my stuff to bring me pen and paper - ect.

We didn´t talk much - whomever was there but, we watched T.V. together - laughed at the shows. When you spend that much time with a person - you either come to like them nor not. Or from some sort of bond, or opinion.


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