Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - Phase 2 (the last days started)

I was moved to the east side. The sunsets were replaced with sunrises. That always struck me as odd. Seems like the first 15 days should be sunrises. The last 15 days sunsets.

But then things are not always perfect. I suppose if one was a Christian, they might view it opposite - rebirth - life after death. New beginning !

Anyways, as I said I´m ok. At this point. So, my thoughts turned to life. What´s really the most important things in life. Money, it´s cool to have - use it, makes life easier. But, it doesn´t make for happiness.

I´ve seen on T.V. how the rich - and movie stars - even though very rich - are not happy. You have seen the stories - you know what I mean.

Possessions. Possessions come and go through life. They can be replaced. So, what is important ? I thought about the times I was happiest. All of them - were times I had spent or shared with loved ones or friends. Had nothing to do with money or possessions.

Yeah, true also the most painful experiences too. But that´s part of the same thing isn´t it ?
You know - you can enjoy - things by yourself, a sunset or rise. A good meal - movie. But, to share them makes them twice as good.

At that time I did not have a love interest at all. In fact I wrote very few people at all. Mostly just my family. The ones I stayed touch with. I learned so much in those 30 days. About myself and of life.


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