Friday, October 01, 2004

Death Warrant - the last four days

Which is true with a couple of the guys who watched me. After Death Watch - I see them, and they said glad you got a stay. If and where humanity exists - it will come out - usually.

Which takes us to the last four days. The morbid days. Four days left a guard comes back and measures me for a suit - for after the execution.

Three days left. A SGT. comes a back - asks if someone and who will pick up my possessions. And will someone pick up my body.

For some reason that struck me as extremely funny. I said: "I´m not quiet done with that yet." He said, this is not funny. I said: " Your just looking at it from the wrong side." I´m not sure - but maybe it´s like when your at a place where your not suppose to laugh like in church or the hospital. But, you just can´t help it. Plus I got this wired picture in my head of three cardboard boxes. Two has possessions written on the side. The 3rd has body on it.

Anyway, you get the picture.


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