Friday, December 17, 2004

You know when I see you - by Average Joe

It`s not the pretty eyes - nice hair
your big breasts or nice ass.
I see those - I like and enjoy them very much.

But, I see past those delicious features -
to who you are inside - I go into your innerself
where you truely abide.

That place full of you -
which you only show to someone you love and trust -
I walk through you and I am amazed at all I find -
your quirky awkward side which makes me smile.

Your serious side - the scars - which make me want to hold you closer.
Hell, you´re a wonderland of surprises and cool cluttered up messes.

Always changing - not changing your mind every 30 seconds -
which I hate - but, changing and growing with time.

And I think - if I don´t screw up too much -
I may have you to grow old with !
And always finding more you


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