Friday, December 17, 2004

We can´t live forever - by Average Joe

We can´t all live forever.
Hell, none of us can !

We go through life so fast
and never stop to think
nor take time to truly enjoy it.

Its all live for the moment
as if nothing - yet everything matters.
Fuck tomorrow - live today.
Be damned the price we pay.

And maybe thats how it should be.
I mean look at all the bullshit around you.

What are you truly leaving behind ?
Yet, we live like it´s forever too -
till our time comes and we face
our final destination.

Hell, it´s like we looked around
saw what there was, and ran towards the end.
Doesn´t say much for all there was - huh ?

So I die, what the fuck -
I didn´t ask to be here anyway.
And we can´t live forever
hell, none of us can...


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