Thursday, July 21, 2005


I came to Death Row ignorant. Not stupid - there is a difference. Ignorance - means uneducated not aware of the world. Inexperienced. Stupid - is knowing or being aware educationally or world wise. But, just adopting a stupid attitude - or view of life. Or it´s the way I see it !

Anyway, I was ignorant. And, the way I was being threated surprised me. It was not what I expected.

We went to the exercise yard 2 days after I arrived. Back then - that was just a dirt yard. Fenced in - beside R-Wing. it had a volley ball net. A basket ball goal - and some pull up bars. That and a drinking fountain. When we went outside that first time I was surprised again. Guys would meet - shake hands - or dap. That is just a cool hand shake. And stop and talk with each other. It was very civilized. The guy in cell 9 who became a good friend walked over - shook hands. Then laughed. Not quite what you expected huh ? No, it wasn´t He and I - 2 or 3 others got to talking. They had experienced the same things when they first came. And they began to enlighten me.


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