Saturday, February 26, 2005

Breakfast is over - by Average Joe

So, I still do - even though I´ve seen no rats or roaches over here yet.
Breakfast over - I sit back - sip my coffee - watch the morning news. See what´s happened while I slept. Check the sports scores ! Then plug in my head phones to the little walkman G.P.X. stereo radio. I haven´t a clue what brand G.P.X. could be. But, it´s functional. If I place it in a good spot in my cell I can pick up some stations in stereo. I listen to what ever type of music I´m in the mood for. Variety keeps it from becoming boring. My favorite is old rock. But, I like all kinds - even Celtic music. Most have gone back to sleep after breakfast - it´s very quiet. A good time to think or write. I assume those up - are taking advantage as I am of the quiet time. Though sometimes I too go back to sleep. Just depends on how I feel.

Nurse passes by in the hallway. Checking to see if anyone has a call out request or pass out medication. The Medical Department is a mess. You can´t even get to see a doctor unless the nurse deems it necessary. Or it´s a declared emergency. Last time I tried - my knee was swollen - she stopped asked me what was wrong - I told and showed her. Then she asked me what I thought the doctor could do ? I said "Äh - I guess look at it - examine it - give me something for the swelling - maybe an ace bandage." She made notes. Came back the next day - gave me 30 pills of the cure all - wonder - drug. Said that was what the doctor recommended. So, I was diagnosed and treated without ever being examined. And no ace bandage either.

Charged a $ 4.00 co-payment ! So, I said screw it. Took the pills - and exercised my knee - put hot compresses on it till I got it back to normal. Took about three months. There was one guy who had chronic stomach problems. They kept telling him he just had acid and nerve problems. Anxious. Then he got real sick, they did tests, finally found he had cancer. Had for a long time. He died less than three months later. We´ve had 7 - or 8 die of cancer the past five years. I find it unusually high rate. But they say it´s because of the men on the row are aging.

I thought cancer hit any age !

There are a few others with some type of it. Anyway, best not to get sick !


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