Saturday, February 26, 2005

Animals at Florida State Prison - by Average Joe

In the old days at F.S.P. the place was infested with cockroaches. I mean thousands of them. They got into everything. If I set a cup of juice - or food down - leave it there for five minutes - roaches would be all inside it. I once removed the back of my radio - to clean it out - dust. There were hundreds of roaches inside it. Apparently they like the warmth and dark. And ate the wax inside. Soon as I opened it they scattered. I was stomping roaches for five minutes - and still half of them got away.

I´d be laying back watching T.V. and one would drop off the ceiling onto my chest. Turn the light on - they would be all over the walls and cell. I would get up - use my shower slides. Kill all I could. I killed thousands over the years - didn´t make a dent. I´m sure others did also. There were so many - you could smell them. And always seem to find a way into the food trays !

Those and rats ! Rats everywhere. Big bastards too. I called the big ones "T-Rats". Like the dinosaur - "T-Rex". When I first got to F.S.P. and summer came - I decided - since it was like 100° F in the cell - I´d put my mattress on the floor - it would be cooler. I did - it was cooler. Then I woke up late that night - with a rat sitting on my chest. I could see his red lil eyes in the hall light. Just sitting there - cool as could be. I stayed still till it climbed off me - scurried away. Got up, put my mattress back on my bunk. Never slept on the floor again.

Heard another guy pulled out his card board box one night - one jumped out - bit him on the cheek - had to put our food stuff in a bag. Hang in on a clothes line to keep them out of it. In a plastic bag to keep the roaches out. Anyway - with so many rats - there´s lot of rat turds about. Which also got into food at times ! So along with those surprise treats - and the occasional piece of metal or plastic. You always checked the food.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger GracieBailey said...

Don't they EVER exterminate??? I also read somewhere else that explained that if you ask, you are provided with cleaning materials and also paint, but you must do all of the work's supposed to be this way at SanQuentin, but I don't know where you are...

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Britta said...

Average Joe is talking about the former times at Florida State Prison and there it was normal to have animals at the cell...



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