Sunday, February 27, 2005

Birds on the row - by Average Joe

Tell you of a strange contrast I´ve found. Birds of all types winter here. They build their nests about the building. The pidgeons build their nests on the light fixtures high on sides of wings. The doves - under the razor wire on the top of the fence.

The little sparrows and fences - inside the holes of the posts that hold the fence up ! So, this place which for me is of suffering and death, for the birds - it´s a safe refuge - a haven to build their nests - homes - lay eggs - raise their family.
A contrast so stark - it always makes me smile !

Sometimes a squirrel will run down the top of our fence. Life !

Time to come in - which I always hate ! Leaving the light behind - to enter the dark again !
Get cuffed behind the back - back up the stairs to cell - cuffs off. Time for another bath - strip down - hey no looking !
Then, wash out yard clothes. We shower - in the shower cell three times a week. So, I take a lot of bird baths in my sink. They also do laundry. But, they pick up hundreds of bags each time - just toss them all together in machines. So I wash my own whites. From laundry they come back dingy.

Anyway, past 11 a.m. Time for coffee ! I´m hungry as a bear. Always am after two hours of yard. Which brings us to lunch.

And the yelling of "Chow Time" again ! Tea ! Tea - sucks !

So does this food tray. Macaroni casserole. At least that's what they call it. Some evil concoction of noodles and some type of meat. I´m not sure from what animal - maybe yak or gnu. Nasty tasting critter what ever it is.

Our food has sucked since they contracted it out to Aramark. You look at the menu - it looks like a good variety of food, but, its not. Only real meat is chicken and liver. Rest is processed crap. Mostly soy or turkey. We get turkey out the wazoo. Turkey Hot Dogs - Turkey Sausage - Turkey Bologna. Then processed Turkey Slice ! Somewhere turkeys are catching hell. And even then - its parts of a turkey leftovers.

Probably - feet and beaks and that red thing that hangs down under their beaks. No doubt poop holes ! Anyway, I eat the spoon full of salad and pinto beans. Dump the rest.

Fortunately today is canteen day. We can order canteen once a week if we can afford it.
And yes, it is important !

Not life and death. But, to the spirit. It is nice to be able to order a few items as you need. Maybe a cold soda once a week - or an ice cream. A sandwich. To be able to get food stuff that will keep for a week - like peanut butter and saltine crackers. Some bag - o. soups which are freeze dried noodles and a flavor pouch. Or some chips - or nutty bars. These are the cheaper items. But they will get you through days - when the food on the trays is inedible !

Or a snack with a cup of coffee. When I get extra money - I splurge some. Buy the good stuff. Chili or beef stew. Come in a bag - you can heat under your hot water in sink - meal in a bag ! Or tuna fish packs - me and a friend make what we call Tuna Schnitzel ! A pack of tuna - cook up the pack of noodles - add the flavor pack - Cajun chicken. Five mayonnaise packs. Two packs of cheese - one jalapeno - one cheddar. Then one pack of nacho cheese chips. Delicious on saltine crackers !

So, for my friends who help out when they can - thanks !! It is appreciated. Anyway canteen has run, I had my cold coke and some peanut butter and crackers. I´m good till the next meal !


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