Saturday, February 26, 2005

Two hours outside - by Average Joe

Ah, yard - has just been called ! Which means my floor - gets hours outside on the exercise yard this morning. So, I will leave you guys for a while - sit back - have a cup of coffee or whatever.

11 a.m. I´m back ! To catch you guys up. For yard - they come by at 8 a.m. - yell yard - ask who all plans to go. Then we usually have 30 to 40 minutes to get up and get ready. Get my yard shorts out - a t-shirt - underwear - socks - tennis shoes - and my cap ! I always wear it turned backwards - like a sweat band.

Put those on the bars. Make sure my bed is made - everything else stored in my locker !
Then take a bird bath in the sink. It´s generally common courtsey to not go out all stinky !
The guards come do a visual inspection of our body. Raise the unmentionable balls. Spread the butt cheeks - open mouth - raise feet so they can see the bottom of feet - raise arms to check the pits.

Each time that rebellious part of me says screw the crap. But, the sensible part says just do it - get it over ! It gives me some solace that most of them don´t like seeing us naked either !
Back up to the food slot - be handcuffed behind the back - then out the back door - down a flight of metal stairs. Out the back door - to a gate on the fence leading to our yard.

We step inside - they close the gate - remove handcuffs - open the inner gate - I am on the exercise yard. The yards are between two wings. A triangle shape. Like a slice of pizza.

Wide at the front - narrows as it reaches a point at the rear. It´s just a slab of concrete - with a 12 foot high fence around it. With razor wire all over the top. Room enough for a volley ball court and kind of half basket ball court. With a pull up and dip bar behind the basket ball goal - not great but usable !

I always take a minute to stop and appreciate the day - today was beautiful - clear blue sky - not a cloud insight - about 60° F. Can see the trees off in the distance - cars moving on the highway. Nice, stop take time to shake hands - or tap knuckles - a few words to guys I know ! Then play volley ball - or basket ball for the two hours.

Man, I remember when I first came 1977. I had never played basket ball or volley ball. Just baseball and football on the streets. I was 20 years old. Strong - fast - athletic. After a few years I got pretty good at both. Now, I´m not quiet as fast. So I use experience to compensate ! I still move well for 48. I work out in the cell three times a week. So I enjoy the competition and a good sweat.


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