Thursday, July 21, 2005

Talking behind bars

The guy in cell 9 said: Hey new guy. Cell 8#: What´s your name ?
I figured out it was me he was talking to. I told him and he said: You drink coffee - smoke ??
I said: Yeah. He passed me over some coffee - and a pack of smokes and a pack of matches. Along with a cup and spoon. I made a cup of coffee - lit up a smoke.

And he and I talked. Sometimes others would join in. They explained the rules and regulations. Gave me the whole run down on the place. The guy in cell 9 passed over his radio. Said keep it till they bring you a T.V.
At that time they gave you a T.V. I got mine the next day. But what those guys did was help me settle in and adjust. They knew what it was like to just arrive. In those days, that´s the way it was. You helped others get adjusted. Made it as easy for them as you could. No. Not all, there is always the selfish ones. Or ones to wrapped up in their own misery. But, the majority would help you learn to survive.


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